Why Crypto Guest Post Is the Reprieve We All Need Right Now

There’s no denying that the last few months have been tough for token promotion. Prices are down as much as 60%, and although investors are still bullish about cryptocurrencies in the long term, trading has ground to a halt. It’s been nearly impossible to make money in this insane market.

But there’s a way out, and it doesn’t involve selling your coins at a 20% loss! The solution is crypto guest post, which is exactly what the name implies: getting paid to write articles on cryptocurrency topics for popular blogs or websites. It’s an attractive proposition for bloggers who want more content and writers who want to make some money while waiting for another opportunity to arise.

1. Choose a Site

There are hundreds of cryptocurrency blogs, so doing a simple online search will help you find the best ones to submit to. Most of these bloggers are writing about the same topics and talking about a variety of cryptocurrencies, so it’s important for you to find one that you can resonate with.

2. Write an Article

The first thing that any successful guest post writer needs is content. You can earn money by sending publications out quickly, so make sure your article isn’t too long or verbose. It should be concise and include enough information for readers (but not too much!) to understand what your article is about. Also, aim for clarity in your writing style by avoiding vague terms and giving examples.

If you’re looking for an even quicker way to profit, consider shorter pieces that are less than 600 words. Content of that length can be published on Medium in an hour or two, and you’ll get paid more than $10 per post! Site detail is here.

3. Sign Up with Google AdSense

You’ll also want to join as many crypto-related affiliate programs as possible. Google AdSense is a great place to start because bloggers often mention cryptocurrency websites in their articles to help readers learn more about the subject. You can earn a few dollars every day by embedding your links into the body of your post and linking them back to your website through anchor text.

4. Build Your Own Blog

By becoming a blogger, you’ll have the opportunity to write about whatever cryptocurrency topics you’d like. Plus, people have been known to make a lot of money from writing alone. You can monetize your site with Google AdSense and affiliate marketing in the same way that others do it with blogs.

5. Blogging is a Great Hobby

When it comes to profit margins, crypto guest posting is a much more fun way to make money than trading cryptocurrencies or investing in ICOs. It’s also an extremely flexible hobby that allows you to work on your own schedule and set your income goals accordingly.

Guest post writers can earn anywhere from a few dollars per submission to over $100 if they’re willing to work hard and write every day. It’s an exciting opportunity for new or experienced writers who want to become bloggers for off page seo.

6. Keywords Matter

One of the first things that a guest post writer should do is get familiar with the topics of interest surrounding his or her target audience. By doing this, you’ll have an idea of what articles to write about for specific sites. Mindset is equally as important, and you should always be on the lookout for content ideas. Once you have enough keywords in your domain history to become a top contender, it can help you expand your list and start getting multiple payouts per month.

7. Guest Post, Don’t Spam

If you’re writing for other people’s blogs, then it’s important to remember that there are actual people behind them. Avoid publishing multiple posts per day and keep in mind that not all bloggers have the same style and way of doing things. Your success as a guest poster is entirely dependent on getting along with your host.

8. Accept Rejections

If someone rejects your guest post, don’t fret! It just means that you have to keep trying until you find an outlet that fits your style and niche perfectly. Don’t get discouraged! Remember: it only takes one successful guest post to pay off your entire investment.

9. Promote & Guest Post with Us

We are the go-to source for bloggers who want to guest post on blogs that accept cryptocurrency content. We can help you monetize your site, and make any money you earn go further by utilizing our Bountysource platform. Submit your article today!

10. Growing Big

If you’re looking for a way to make money online, then a crypto guest post is an easy way to get started. You don’t have to worry about a down market because conditions never last long enough to become unbearable, and if it does happen then there are proven ways to get back on track again.

If you’re a writer, then a crypto guest post is the perfect opportunity to make money while also giving back to the community. The writers that we work with are all experts on the subject of cryptocurrency, so they can be some of the most prolific sources of online content on the internet.

11. Stay Committed & Diversify

Making money through crypto guest posting is just like any other business: the more time and effort you put in, the more you’ll get out of it. Most crypto bloggers do this as their full-time job to recover from losses from other investments (like Bitcoin forks), so don’t let your own losses discourage you from making money!

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