How to Clear UGC NET and CSIR NET in the First Attempt?

The CSIR NET and the UGC NET exams assess candidates’ qualifications for junior research fellowships (JRFs), awarded to Indian citizens pursuing Ph.D. programs or research. The two exams are frequently applied for and simultaneously prepared for by candidates.

If one dedicates enough time and effort to their exam preparation, passing the UGC NET exam for the first time is not an impossible challenge. Every year between June and December, the National Testing Agency (NTA) administers the well-known CSIR NET test on behalf of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). Passing the CSIR NET exam can be challenging, especially on your first try. Candidates must plan their studies methodically, efficiently, and astutely if they want to pass the CSIR NET exam on their first attempt. The following advice will help you pass the CSIR NET and UGC NET on your first attempt.

How to Clear UGC NET in First Attempt?

To clear the UGC NET exam in their first attempt, students studying for it should abide by the following advice:

  • Effective Time Management: Students frequently study hard for exams but fail to complete the paper on time. The basic reason for this failure is a lack of time management skills, which makes all of one’s efforts useless. So, develop the practice of setting a time restriction for every topic you study and every mock test you take to determine your actual performance level.
  • Clear Your Concepts: One needs to be well-versed in the relevant topics to pass this exam. To successfully answer any question from the area, one must thoroughly understand the concepts.
  • Exam Analysis: Analyze the frequency or pattern of repeated questions or concepts by looking through the UGC NET exams from the previous year. This analysis will be essential in determining how well you perform on the exam. Check the deadlines from the previous year as well.
  • Practice Mock Tests: Your preparation can benefit from mock exams in several ways. It helps the candidate develop the best plan of attack, which typically differs from student to student. It helps the student pick up new skills and approach problems more effectively.
  • Try to Write Short Notes: Start taking your notes immediately to get into the habit. Given that everything will be in one area, this will benefit you as you revise. This practice will aid students in swiftly absorbing essential knowledge. Make sure your notes are concise and well-written.

How to Clear CSIR NET in First Attempt?

Students studying for the CSIR NET exam should abide by the following guidelines to pass it in their first attempt:

  • Make a strategy: Candidates can develop a plan for their study schedule based on the comprehension of the CSIR NET syllabus, exam format, and previous year’s question paper. As you plan, be sure to allow enough time to each subject and topic so that the syllabus is thoroughly covered. Make a regimen that is balanced as your approach. It shouldn’t become a frenzied information-gathering machine or cause you to fall behind on your obligations.
  • Follow your Routine: It goes without saying that to get the results you want, you must stick to your routine consistently. Reach your daily and weekly goals. To keep track of your development, evaluate your learning curve after the week. To understand every topic in its most minute details and have your notions crystal clear, you must study for at least 10 to 12 hours per day.
  • Make Handmade Notes: Try to make handwritten notes while you’re studying. After that, group them according to subjects and topics. This can help you save a massive amount of time when finishing up your planning. You won’t need to switch between study materials to find the necessary information for your revision. Additionally, studies show that when people read and learn things in their own handwriting, they tend to remember and recall more of the information.
  • Focus on Revision: You can keep information in your brain for a longer period the more revisions you make. Review the course material frequently. Never conclude that you have finished a chapter by leaving it. Reread it and make any necessary revisions.
  • Don’t Panic: No matter how diligently or intelligently you studied, if you start to stress and lose your composure during your exam, all of your hard work will be for nought. It is only normal to have anxiety and nervousness. But resist letting your fear override your better judgment. During your exam, maintain composure and cool. Regularly practice breathing techniques to monitor your anxiety levels. Additionally, believe in your ability and yourself.

Remember that you gave your entire attention, focus, energy, and time to your preparation for the CSIR NET and UGC NET exams. You only need to go and respond to the questions. It is simpler to say than to do. Nevertheless, you must try your hardest if you want to pass the CSIR NET and UGC NET exams on your first attempt.

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